Royal Roads University student awards announced

August 22, 2011

Each year for four years (2011-14), three meritorious Royal Roads University students who employed the research strategy of public ethnography will be awarded $1,000 at convocation. These awards are made possible through funding from the Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography. Public ethnography means scholarship for a new communication paradigm. It entails getting people involved in learning together about new challenges, and it means new ways of disseminating knowledge across distances over different time zones. It is an important shift in our culture and one that needs to be properly explored to be understood.

No longer unsecure about their aesthetic sensibilities, contemporary ethnographers produce works that not only stimulate the intellect, but that also delight the senses. From visual to reflexive ethnography, from narrative to arts-based inquiry, from hypertext to multimodal research, and from autoethnography to ethnodrama, public ethnography is now a catalytic field of experimentation and reflection, innovation and revelation, transformation and call to action. The Public Ethnography Award will be given to fieldwork-based projects that appeal directly to new audiences of scholarly research through the use of new media and new genres. Combining a classical ethnographic attention to thick description of ways of life and to insightful cultural interpretation, successful public ethnographies challenge the boundaries between ethnography and documentary journalism, between the scholarly essay and the novel, between academia and drama. Refusing to be relegated to dusty drawers and irrelevance, successful public ethnographies enter the public realm by entertaining, enlightening, and educating.

Interested applicants will submit their work at any point throughout the year. Selection will be based on how well the candidates meet the criteria as described in the published description, below. Nominations will be submitted to the Coordinator, Financial Aid & Awards, University Life, for award administration. 

Interested applicants from any Royal Roads University program will submit their work to Phillip Vannini, throughout the year to be considered for this fall convocation award. Qualified applicants will meet the following criteria: • Submitted a public ethnography research product to Phillip Vannini within the competition year; • Enrolled in any program at Royal Roads University during the competition year; • Eligible to graduate in the competition year (e.g. students who graduate in the spring ceremony are still able to compete).

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