In pursuit of wildness, downunder

The Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area (Australia), Milford Sound within the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage area (New Zealand), and Tongariro/Whanganui National Parks and World Heritage area (New Zealand) will be the focus of fieldwork during December and January. 

This will be the project's first foray into Oceania. A second trip to Oceania, to a destination to be determined, is planned for the years to come. Ideally this will be the project's pattern: two trips per continent over a 5 year period. Perhaps there might even be a logline in here: "A five-year journey across six continents to uncover the nature of wildness."

Tasmanian wilderness has been at the center of a lot of political controversy lately, especially after Lonely Planet urged world travellers to visit it before it's compromised. On the other hand, in New Zealand, the Whanganui River has acquired a juridical life of its own. These are just some of the issues demanding further learning.

Departure is set for December 13.  

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