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The ethnography.media.arts.culture network is united by the will to push research beyond the "ivory tower" of academia and make it accessible to the public.

Read on to see how traditional - and sometimes not-so-traditional - media are helping to bring the research of our members to the public:


June 2013

Off-Grid Living: Voluntary Simplicity or Involuntary Complexity? - Dr. Phillip Vannini and Jonathon Taggart meet two off-gridders in Prince Edward Island whose search for a simpler life hasn't worked out as intended.

NTV Evening News - Dr. Vannini talks to Heather Gillis about his cross-Canada ethnography of off-gridders. (story at the 21-minute mark)

Living off the grid - Dr. Vannini talks to CBC Newfoundland about his upcoming trip to the province, which is the last stop for Dr. Vannini and Jonathan Taggart as they wrap up their 3-year ethnographic study of off-gridders in Canada.


February 2013

What Makes Food Truly Convenient? - In this blog for the Huffington Post, Dr. Vannini and Jonathan Taggart ponder the meaning of convenience for off-gridders.

Independent living in Canada - The Ecologist talks to Dr. Phillip Vannini about why he studies off-gridders and how ethnography can shed light on off-gridders lifestyle of autonomy.

Living off the grid is a realistic goal for many - Prince Albert Daily Herald, Saskatchewan


January 2013

Oil Men: Protesting the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline - Global News profiles the research of Ilja Herb and Arno Kopecky.

Defining who is Métis: The Métis registry and politics of state recognition - this piece, published in Briarpatch magazine, is based on Tara Gereaux's thesis completed for her Master of Arts at Royal Roads University.

The $273 Billion Question: Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Controversy - Reader's Digest. Royal Roads alumna Ilja Herb and research partner Arno Kopecky write about their research in the context of the Canadian government's proposal to open up the waters of British Columbia to over 200 oil tankers a year.

The Story from Here: CBC Radio One

Off the grid: lifestyles of the solar powered & fiercely independent: Habitat, CKDU Radio, Halifax, Nova Scotia



December 2012

Off the grid: Nova Scotians power down: The Coast, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Researcher Studies Off Grid Living: Shift, CBC Radio One New Brunswick

October 2012

Living Off-Grid: The "Quiet Revolution": In this blog for the Huffington Post, Dr. Vannini and Jonathan Taggart ponder the political statement off-gridders make by disconnecting from "a society dominated by the logic of light, speed, power and the virtual mobility afforded by connectivity."


Bamfield's Unlikely Off-Gridders: Dr. Phillip Vannini travels beyond the reach of Tim Horton's to meet an off-grid couple who've insulated their walls with denim and generate less than one grocery bag of garbage in seven weeks.


September 2012

Living in the off-grid world: Dr. Phillip Vannini and photojournalist Jonathon Taggart share their experiences living off-the-grids in the Yukon in this article for Yukon: North of Ordinary, Air North's magazine. (PDF file)


August 2012

Ethnography in the public eye; a few lessons along the way: What does it really take to popularize research? Dr. Phillip Vannini shares what he's learned in this guest blog for the London School of Economics and Political Science.


What It's Like Living off the Grid, The Huffington Post: Dr Phillip Vannini and Jonathon Taggart write about off-grid comfort in their first blog entry for the Huffington Post, and follow up with a video featuring Murray and Nan, the off-gridders featured in the blog post.


July 2012

Sing another tune to make pop music for the masses, Times Higher Education: Dr. Phillip Vannini explains why popularizing research should be a welcome trend for academia.

Earthship takes shape, Winnipeg Free Press

Living 'off the grid' becoming more popular in Manitoba, Westman Journal


June 2012

Off the grid, Radio Noon, CBC Manitoba

Life unplugged, The Guardian (Charlottetown, PEI)


February 2012

Power-conscious Canadians going off-grid, Calgary Sun


January 2012

Living off the Grid in BC: Clayoquot Sound, The Tyee (British Columbia)

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