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Early reflections on public ethnography

It's now been a year since the SSHRC-funded public ethnography agenda was launched, and it seems like a good time for a few reflections. I think we've had very good success in reaching out to multiple publics and learned a few lessons along the way. So, here is what I've learned so far, in no particular order - read more

[MINE] How one Mexican town is navigating a Canadian mine


Just two years after the ratification of NAFTA and opening of Mexico’s borders to increased international investment, the Canadian-owned Metallica Resources announced its plans for what it claimed would be one of the greatest open-pit gold and silver mines in the world.

Public ethnography as innovative learning: an in-depth statement

Phillip Vannini and Laura Milne describe public ethnography as innovative learning in this writing prepared for Chris Schneider and Ariane Hanemaayer's forthcoming UBC Press edited volume "Public Sociology in Canada: Pedagogy, Ethics, and Politics. The text below is an advance version of their book chapter.


Is it me... or does that paper move?

More and more academic journals these days are fully or partially published on the web. Few journal publishers and authors, however, take full advantage of the technological potential of the web to make their work multimodal. In an effort to combine scholarly writing with audio and video Phillip Vannini teamed up with Jonathan Taggart in the spring of 2011 to produce a unique journal article with six videos embedded in it.

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